Friday, September 21, 2018

Tropical Depression Eleven (2018)

Storm Active: September 21-23

On September 18, a disturbance developed in the tropical Atlantic well east of the Windward Islands. It moved generally west-northwestward over the following view days and began to exhibit a small but organized canopy of thunderstorm activity. A weak low pressure center appeared on September 20, but wind shear increased significantly around the same time and the atmosphere was quite dry as the system approached the Caribbean. Despite unfavorable conditions, sheared convection persisted near the surface circulation center long enough the next day for the system to be classified Tropical Depression Eleven.

Before long, upper level winds out of the west increased even further, and any bursts of deep convection from Eleven were swiftly blown away. The center moved erratically the next day and began to lose definition, and by the morning of September 23, the system was downgraded to a remnant low. This low dissipated soon after.

Tropical Depression Eleven never achieved much organization during its brief lifetime.

The area of high wind shear over the Caribbean was persistent during the 2018 season, and claimed Eleven as another victim.

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