Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tropical Storm Fiona (2010)

Storm Active: August 30-September 3
On August 26, a strong tropical wave emerged off the coast of Africa, adopting the same general track of Danielle and Earl before it. By later that same day, a low pressure center became embedded in the wave. Although the outflow and circulation of the system was very organized from the beginning, convection remained minimal and a tropical depression didn't form during the next few days. On August 28, a burst of convection appeared at the center, but it ebbed away over the next day. By August 30, the system was producing tropical storm force winds, and a center was found, causing the low to be promoted to Tropical Storm Fiona, with no intermediate tropical depression stage.

Its initial intensity was 40 mph winds and a pressure of 1007 mb. Fiona sped off to the west and westnorthwest over the next day, and tropical storm watches were issued for some of the Northern Leeward Islands in preparation for possible tropical storm conditions in areas that were still recovering from Hurricane Earl. Fiona's motion was at least 20 mph until September 1, when the presence of Earl to its east slowed its motion. The outflow of Earl and Fiona kept a certain distance between the two, and Fiona actually became more organized as it slowed down, unexpectedly strengthening into a strong tropical storm by the morning of September 1, with winds of 60 mph. However, later on September 1, Fiona peaked at 60 mph and a pressure of 997 mb, before losing most of its cloud cover and weakening. Meanwhile, it turned to the northwest and sped up again through the morning of September 2. Fiona recovered some convection during the day, but intense shear exposed Fiona's circulation, and as it turned north, it continued to weaken. As Fiona struggled north-northeast, its pressure rose further, and it weakened to a tropical depression and then a remnant low late on September 3, before even reaching Bermuda.

The only effects of Fiona were some showers and gusty winds in the Northern Leeward Islands and Bermuda.

Fiona at peak intensity on September 1, despite the exposure of its circulation.

Track of Fiona, notable for coinciding almost exactly with that of Tropical Storm Colin earlier that year.

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