Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tropical Depression One (2009)

Storm Active: May 28-29

A low pressure system formed on May 27 off the coast of North Carolina. Drifting northeast, the low showed no signs of development until, on May 28, it rapidly strengthened into Tropical Depression One with 35 mph winds and a pressure of 1007 millibars. The convection associated with the system was tight, and therefore didn't affect any landmass. The depression continued east-north-east into May 29, when, at its peak intensity of 35 mph winds and a pressure of 1006 millibars, the circulation began to separate from the clouds associated with it. Soon after it became extratropical and was absorbed by a frontal boundary. Tropical Depression One was a preseason storm, and therefore the 2009 season is the third consecutive season with a storm forming before June 1. No land was affected by this system.

Tropical Depression One in the Northwest Atlantic.

Track of One.

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