Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tropical Depression Five (2010)

Storm Active: August 10-11
On August 8, a stationary frontal boundary off the east coast of the United States developed a low pressure system at its southern end. The force of high pressure systems to the west pushed the low south, where it encountered the typical west to east motions of the lower latitudes, and tracked over Florida on August 9, emerging over the Gulf of Mexico on August 10 as a 1010 mb low. The pressure continued to drop, and the circulation became organized enough to be declared Tropical Depression Five at its peak intensity of 35 mph winds and a pressure of 1007 mb. However, the convection associated with the system never attained definition with respect to the center, and the low weakened as it moved northwestward. The low dissipated before even reaching the Gulf coast on August 11. The broad area of low pressure associated with the dissipated Tropical Depression Five combined with a stationary front inland over the Gulf states in August 13. The system once again tracked southeastward, and approached the Gulf, intensifying as it went. As the low deepened, it became detached from the front, and by early on August 16, the system was a powerful 1010 mb low entering the Gulf with a fairly impressive clump of convection. However, no closed circulation formed, and the low made landfall once again in Louisiana without achieving tropical characteristics. The low moved north and dissipated.

Five in the Gulf of Mexico.

Track of Five.

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