Thursday, December 10, 2009

2009 Season Summary

The 2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season was below average with eleven depressions forming, nine of which became tropical storms, three of which became hurricanes, and two out of the three became major hurricanes. In total, about $174 million in damages resulted (wealth value for 2009) and fifteen direct fatalities. No hurricanes hit the U.S. this year, and only one made landfall. Although this was a relatively quiet season, there were a few notable storms.
  • Tropical Depression One forming in May made a tropical cyclone form in the Atlantic Ocean in May for three consecutive years
  • No tropical storms formed until August 12, which was the latest start since 1992
  • Hurricane Fred achieved major hurricane status the farthest south and east of any Atlantic cyclone ever recorded
  • Tropical Storm Grace formed the farthest north and east of any tropical cyclone in the Atlantic Basin
  • Hurricane Ida made landfall in the U.S. as a tropical storm in November, becoming one of only six cyclones to do so

Overall, due to an El Nino event, the 2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season was relatively quiet and not much damage resulted.