Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurricane Hanna (2008)

Storm Active: August 28-September 6

During the last week of August a tropical wave moved off Africa. By August 28, it was strong enough to be called Tropical Depression Eight. The next day Eight was upgraded to Tropical Storm Hanna. The storm tracked west-north-westward until it was stopped by a front and it slowly drifted south-west into the Turks. Hanna couldn't strengthen because of the more powerful Hurricane Gustav's intake of moist air. Also, strong shear whipped in from the north. But soon, these effects lessened and by midday on September 1, Hanna had become a hurricane with 80 mph winds and a pressure of 983 millibars. Hanna was weakened by shear over the next day into a tropical storm but started to turn northwest and by September 5 was moving at 20 mph, approaching the coast of the Carolinas. Overnight it made landfall and weakened to 65 mph winds. Then, it accelerated past New England and sped off the coast into extratropical waters. Hanna caused 529 deaths in Haiti along with 8 in the U.S.

The above image shows Hanna at peak intensity on September 1.

Hanna's stall near Hispaniola caused a great deal of flooding and unfortunately numerous casualties in north Haiti.

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