Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hurricane Omar (2008)

Storm Active: October 13-18

Around October 10, a tropical disturbance moved off the South American border of the Caribbean Sea and moved into more favorable waters. Upper level winds died down enough for the system to develop into Tropical Depression 15, with 35 mph winds. The next day, October 14, the system reached tropical storm strength and was named Tropical Storm Omar. Meanwhile, Omar was making a loop in the Caribbean, and eventually made an odd turn towards the north-east (this particular turn in that area is uncommon in general but common in October and November). That same evening, after rapidly intensifying, the system became a Category 1 hurricane. As the system approached Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands the system reached its peak intensity. Its peak intensity was reached on October 16, when it was a Category 4 hurricane with 135 mph winds and a minimum central pressure of 958 millibars. After passing these small islands, Omar rapidly weakened. By October 18, the system was a tropical storm and by later that day, the system had become a remnant low. The remnants of Omar tracked northward before being absorbed by an exxtratropical cyclone on October 20.

Omar as a Category 1 hurricane in the Caribbean Sea.

Track of Omar from October 10 to October 18.

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