Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tropical Storm Marco (2008)

Storm Active: October 6-8

A weak low-pressure system formed south of Cuba on October 3. The system interacted with the Yucatan Peninsula and weakened. Finally, on October 6, the low-pressure emerged into the extreme southern Bay of Campeche, nearly over land. Later that day, a small Tropical Depression Thirteen formed. That night, the system was declared Tropical Storm Marco. By this time, Marco became the smallest tropical cyclone ever recorded throughout the entire world. Its tropical storm force winds only extended a mere 10 miles from the center, greatly surpassing the 30 mile record set by Tropical Cyclone Tracy in 1974. Marco pulled away from land slightly and strengthened to its peak intensity of 65 mph winds and a pressure of 998 millibars. then, on October 7, the system made landfall in Veracruz, and it became the smallest tropical cyclone ever to make landfall. By early the next day, Marco dissipated over the mountains of Central Mexico.

Marco at peak intensity. Note the size in comparison to the surrounding country of Mexico.

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