Friday, August 22, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay (2008)

Storm Active: August 15-25

On August 7, a strong tropical wave moved off Africa. Over the next few days, it fluctuated in strength and on August 15, the tropical wave finally became Tropical Sotrm Fay with 40 mph winds and a pressure of 1006 mb. It made landfall in the Dominician Republic and then Cuba as it moved steadily west-north-west. Then,it turned north and hit the Florida Keys on August 18. Less then a day later Fay slammed into Florida with 60 mph winds and a pressure of 998 mb. Fay reached its peak intensity of 65 mph and a pressure of 986 mb over Florida on August 19. The next day, Fay emerged into the Atlantic Ocean with 45 mph winds. Fay strengthened back to 60 mph before drifting westward into Florida once again. Soon after it made it seventh and final landfall (a record fourth landfall in Florida) and continued north-east. Flooding was recorded from Fay up into New England over the next few days.

Fay at peak intensity over south-central Florida.

Track of Fay.

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