Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tropical Depression Eight (2009)

Storm Active: September 25-26

A tropical wave moved off of Africa on August 23, and began to develop disorganized showers and thunderstorms as it moved to the west-north-west at about 15 mph. On September 24, the Cape Verde Islands received scattered showers and thunderstorms as it passed to the south of the region. On September 25, the wave began to organize west of the Cape Verde Islands, despite being in an area only marginally favorable for tropical cyclone formation and started to develop a center of circulation. The system was declared Tropical Depression Eight at 5 p.m. on September 25 already at its peak intensity of 35 mph winds and a pressure of 1008 millibars. Over the next day, the depression moved northwest into cooler waters and became less organized. Then, exactly a day after formation, Eight lost its center of circulation and dissipated. The tropical wave continued to produce shower activity as it moved northwest and was monitored for regeneration, but no new low formed, and the possibility for reformation was gone by September 27.

The tropical wave destined to become Tropical Depression Eight organizing in the East Atlantic.

Track of Eight

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