Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 Unnamed Tropical Storm

Storm Active: August 31-September 2

*This cyclone was classified as a tropical storm during the 2011 postseason analysis. It therefore received no name, despite being tabulated in the number of tropical depressions and tropical storms of the 2011 season.

On August 29, a circulation took shape in an area of convection north of Bermuda, some of which had been associated with Tropical Storm Jose a few days previously. The resulting trough organized over the next few days, increasing in shower activity. Late on August 31, a closed low formed on the southeastern edge of the shower activity, and the system became a tropical depression (although it was not then recognized as such). Convection increased markedly on September 1, and gale force winds were recorded, suggesting that the cyclone at this time became a tropical storm.

A banding feature to the southwest of the center formed the same day, and the cyclone strengthened overnight, reaching its peak intensity of 45 mph winds and a pressure of 1002 mb early on September 2. By this time, an approaching front had begun to push the system northeast, away from the U.S. east coast. The proximity of the front caused the unnamed storm to lose definition during the day of September 2, and the system became extratropical that evening. The remnants continued to move north-northeastward, and were fully absorbed on September 2. This event marked the first time since 2006 that a tropical storm was added in postseason analysis.

The unnamed tropical storm weakening on September 2.

Track of the unnamed tropical storm.


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