Monday, July 28, 2008

Basins Where Tropical Cyclones Form

Basically, tropical cyclones form all over the world. They form in the north Atlantic, the North-east Pacific, the North-west Pacific, the South-east Pacific (including Australia), the South Indian. and the North Indian Ocean. Although many cyclones (over 30% of the total) many also form elsewhere. In addition,in the Atlantic and north-east Pacific they are called hurricanes, in the north-west Pacific they are called Typhoons, and in all other basins they are simply referred to as cyclones.

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All tropical cyclones in the world from 1985-2005. Note the lone tropical cyclone in the South Atlantic in the time period. This had the strength of a Category 2 hurricane at landfall. It was named Cyclone Catarina because it made landfall in close proximity to Santa Catarina, Brazil. It caused approximately 5 fatalities and $400,000,000 worth of damage (wealth adjusted for 2008.)
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