Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Big Rip

The Big Rip is yet another theory describing the possible fate of the Universe.  In this theory, the expansion of the Universe reaches infinite speed (due to to balance between Dark Energy and Dark Matter), and everything in it, even atoms, are ripped apart.  According to the theory, 60 million years before the end of the Universe, every galaxy but the Milky Way  would be out of visible range from the Earth.  Right before the end, the galaxy and the solar system (if the solar system still exists) would be gravitationally unbound.  A split second before the end, everything down to atoms would be ripped apart as the expansion speed of the Universe reaches infinity.  If this theory is correct, the Big Rip will happen in approximately 50 billion years.


Louis said...

It seems like the rate of expansion of the universe might not be constant through time. If this is true, how do we know if it will accelerate more (perhaps it might even slow down)? I guess if we get a good theory of dark energy it will shed light on this question.

Steve said...

Hi. That last comment was from me. Thanks.